hi guys . how do we discover IF Some mobo is able to run the VGA card at 16X ? in specification ? in the part that says 1 PCI e 16X Slot ?
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  1. If it only has a single PCI-E 16x slot then it will always run at full speed, its only when you have multiple slots that you might have one or two of them not running at full speed.
  2. Well, if you are running an older "budget chipset" board you might run into a stripped down slot? If you use a board with the 780 785G or similar one PCI-E is always 16x and the other is 4x, kinda weird but not a deal breaker for most people.
  3. New MOBOS have more than one SLOT , they are supporting CF . what do u think about GA P55A UD3 ? it has 2 PCI slot ( correct me if i am wrong
  4. i wont get FULLUSAGE with that mobo , will i ? it has 2PCI slot ( correct me agai n)
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