System Idle temperature is very high

mobo: DG31PR
intel core quad q6600
OCZ 2x 2 GB ddr2
gtx 460 786 mb

The last few weeks it hangs up on the Intel splash screen anywhere from 15 seconds to a minute during start up. So I started checking temperatures and using speed fan at idle windows I am getting:

GPU: 29C
System: 74C
CPU: 36C
AUX: 119C
Core0: 25C
Core1: 21C
Core2: 21C
Core3: 18C

I am concerned that possibly this splash screen delay is because of a mobo overheating issue. I am unsure what AUX is and after a search I still cannot determine what it is. The System is the motherboard I believe and that seems very high. I have taken off the side of the case and it dropped from about 79C to the 74C I have displayed.

I have a 120 mm exhaust fan but because of stripped screws and a hard drive bay I was not able to install an intake fan. I plan to fix this tomorrow but don't believe that the mobo temp will drop that much if the side of the case is already off.

Any suggestions?

Do I need a better cooling system? Any suggestions what to get?
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  1. Have you overclocked? I think most temps are given by voltages and if these have been adjusted, you might be getting incorrect (high) readings.
  2. No I haven't overlocked anything. All components are standard and none came overclocked by manufacturer either.
  3. The only thing that jumps out at me as being high is the system and auxillary readings. How are those two being monitored?
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