Can you fit X79 into a Z68 Chipset Motherboard?

Heyy, I'm buying some RAM for my computer and I found a quad channel pieces oof 16GB (4x4GB).

Unfortunately its X79 and my motherboard is Z68.

Will I have to find new RAM or can it fit & work in a Z68 Motherboard.

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  1. off the top of my head i would say no, but if you really want to try go ahead and try to boot it up
  2. This may not be th right place, but I am looking at building a system and the Z68 vs X79 topic is big for me right now. I already bought the Dual Ram predicting a Z68...but should I go for the X79 instead? Are all the necessaary components available and not overpriced? (bang worth the buck?) TIA
  3. X79 components are reaallyy expensive
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