What is the minimum psu I should use for this build?

I am want to know what the minimum psu I should use for this set up:
Intel core I7 3.06 ghz
2x4 ram. So 8 gigs
1 tb hardrive
Cooler master rc 692 case
Msi x58a mb
Asus DVD burner
And a 1 gb sapphire graphics card ( idk what model yet)

This is my first build and I am thinking about getting a 600 watt but is that enough?
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  1. Your psu requirements are almost entirely driven by the graphics card/s you select.
    Which one did you have in mind?

    A quality 600 or 650w psu will drive most single graphics cards out there.
    Quality units come from Corsair, PC P&C,Antec, XFX, and Seasonic to name a few. There are others.

    The wattage is not as important as the amps on the 12v rails, and poor psu's do not deliver the wattage there.
  2. Best to go with a quality 650W unit for the price and compatability across a wide range of set-ups.
    You could go lower but it's hard to recommend without knowing your gpu.
    Any one of these units are good.
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