Please help new build problems

hey all i just got a new motherboard new graphics card and a new cpu i put in my old ram power supply cd drive and hard drive....

i just put everything togeather and booted up and first it made a bunch of beeps witch i cant remember if thats saposed 2 happen(only the 2ed time iv build a pc)

i have the cd in the cd drive that came with the mobo and it boots up sounds fine but it only has a blank screen it looks like its loading but nothing shows and then it just sits there also the mobo wont turn my mouse on when i boot up not sure y iv tryed every usb slot but does anyone know what this could be im sitting here dumb founded
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  1. update: iv gotten it to boot to the start windows normally screen and then i typed it my password and got into windows but everything is really faint i cant barley see it
  2. It could be a PSU issue or a monitor issue
  3. Are you sure that your old RAM is compatible with your new mobo? It'd help if you gave some specs so we knew what you were dealing with.
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