Overheating Problem?

Alright, so I've got a bit of a problem with my Toshiba Laptop. It's about 4 years old and has rarely given me problems, until recently. The model number is Toshiba Satellite A200-TJ5

On Monday, I decided to play a video game in the morning and to my surprise the laptop crashed within 2 minutes. I didn't think much of it, so I restarted the laptop only to find that the onscreen image appears "broken" or distorted. The laptop doesn't even load but instead goes straight to a BSOD while windows is trying to load. Since the image is distorted I can't really tell you what it says. The laptop shuts down on this screen and if I reboot it I get the same distorted image and BSOD issue. I have to leave the laptop off for about 15 minutes, then it started up just fine.

So I decided to stream a video but within ten minutes, the laptop crashed again. I then got the distorted image and BSOD problem, so I waited another 15 minutes. After some testing I realized that now I can't play any video games, or watch any videos because the laptop keeps crashing when I do these things.

I figured, maybe the fan is dusty. So I get my compressed air spray and send it into the vents, but there was no dust since I had cleaned it earlier this month and I also use a cooling pad.

So I downloaded a program to monitor the temperatures of the hardware. The CPU and hard drive seemed fine, but I noticed right away that my video card has jumped to 70 Celsius, and my computer only just started and doesn't feel hot at all. So I tested this and I noticed when I played any video game the video card temp jumps up quickly and reaches 100 Celsius after about 1 minute, and then my computer crashed. I streamed a video and I noticed a slower increase, but after 10 minutes the video card temp jumps to 100 Celsius and it crashes. During this the CPU temp was around 66 Celsius, but I think that's normal.

Also, I have windows fully updated and all drivers as well.

Here's a screenshot of the temp when my computer is on idle after just being started:

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  1. i am not good with mobile technology..But my opinion is that you apply some new thermal paste, according to most average laptop thermal paste has a life span of 3 to 4 years, some high end thermal paste is designed for 8years.
  2. Yeah sounds like it's overheating. I would replace the thermal paste on the heatsink.
  3. I agree that it sounds like a PHYSICAL issue.

    It is probably either the thermal paste is bad or a fan problem. I think most laptops have a single fan which also cools the CPU so it's more likely the thermal paste.

    I doubt it's a software issue but you could test by creating an Ubuntu Live CD and booting from the CD. (BIOS must be set to boot CD-drive first before hard drive. Download the 32-bit Live Ubuntu image and burn it to a CD or DVD, then simply boot from it).

    If you can't get your system to crash running from Ubuntu Live CD your problem is either:
    1. the hard drive
    2. corrupt software (you'd need to reinstall Windows after backing up your files, settings etc.)

    Probably need to pull your laptop apart and reseat the heatsink and possibly replace the fan(s).

    Flash your laptop's BIOS to the latest version.
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