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Hello, I recently picked up a second Sapphire HD5770 and am running it in crossfire. When I check the ATI Overdrive section it states my second card's GPU Clock @ 399mhz - half the speed of the supposed clock.

I loaded CPU-z and it reports the same clock speeds.

I am running an ASUS p5Q-E motherboard - so both cards are capped @ 8x PCI - but from what i've read that makes a 2-5% difference from the 16x slots.

My 3dMark Vantage Score is around 12-13 for GPU score.

System Setup:

ASUS p5Q-E MB / Q9300 Yorkfield
2 x Sapphire HD5770 Vapor-X Crossfired
850W Antec TruePower Quattro PS

What gives with the low(er) GPU score and odd GPU core readouts?


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  1. if your cpu isn't overclock then it's most likely bottlenecking the cards, OC to 3+ ghz and re run the tests
  2. I overclocked my CPU to 3.19 ghz, the GPU score didn't change at all. Today I returned both cards in exchange for an HD5870, going to re run the tests to see the score now.
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