Gigabyte ga-z68xp-ud5 freezes on post


I am having problems with the computer I just built. I think is the motherboard but I want to see what you guys think.

It would boot up fine, gives the solid 1 beep and then goes into POST. Upon the POST screen where you see the function keys such as boot method, bios setup, etc. Then it would freeze from there. The the pixels on the screen would dilate and remain frozen.

Do you guys think the mobo is defective?

Here is the setup:

i7 sandy bridge 2600
gigabyte ga-z68xp-ud5
gskill 16gb
gtx 580
cooler master 800w
curcial 128gb ssd

Thank you for your help.
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  1. Are you using memory within the specs of the board? If so, try it with just a single stick of memory.
    I presume you can't get into BIOS, correct?
  2. Yep, Im using ddr3 1600 which is within the specs of the mobo.

    I've tried just a single stick and have the same problem.

    It would give the successful boot 1 beep. then when it is in the post screen it would freeze, not going into the bios/booting screen. Then the top screen starts to get dilated with horizontal lines and remain frozen.
  3. Have you tried removing the graphics card and booting w/integrated graphics?
  4. do you think it is the graphic card? I will have to get my friends gpu to test. The problems I am experiencing doesnt seem to be a defective motherboard?
  5. Sorry, just realized the board only had HDMI out, no DVI. Your monitor probably requires DVI. You could use something like this:
    I don't know if it's the board or the card or the CPU, but if you could test the system with only the integrated graphics, and you get into BIOS with no freeze up, that would indicate a garphics issue.
    I presume you just built it and haven't installed an OS yet?
  6. Yeah no OS yet. I plan on trying my friends gpu to eliminate the graphics, and also try my friends HD with an OS already install to eliminate that as well. Once those 2 are clear then it mostly be mobo since cpu defective is less likely and mobo defective rate is higher?

    I figure it is less likely the graphics because wouldnt it not show anything like black screen if it is?

    Thanks for replying!
  7. Don't expect your friend's HDD with a pre installed OS to boot on your machine. Windows will see a totally different system that it did on your friend's computer, and it will crash. At best, you might see if it gets past the post screen without freezing before it crashes.
    Is there any way you can use the integrated graphics on the CPU to boot? Does your monitor have HDMI input? Do you have a HD TV with HDMI you can test with?
  8. I do have a monitor with HDMI input. So take out my gpu and plug in the HDMI cables for my monitor and the mobo and see if it boots? This mobo comes with integrated graphics?

    Also, I didnt know you can't put any hd on any comp and would not work.
  9. Yes. The board doesn't come with integrated graphics, the processor does. Sandy Bridge processors have built in graphics. The motherboard simply provides an output for the graphics. HDMI in your case. That's why I wanted you to test the system without the discrete card. To see if it was the issue.

    It's not that the HDD won't work in your system, it's the fact that it has a Windows installation from a different computer on it. When you try to boot with the other drive, Windows will look for equipment, devices, components, BIOS settings, validation code, etc. that aren't there... and crash. If your two systems are 100% identical, you may get it to boot, but it would be rare.
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