Gpu gets hot after windows locks itself

Hi everyone,
I have a problem I just updated my bios to the latest version, my PC works fine but
if I leave my PC idle without any program launched on the desktop, after sometime my computer locks
itself then the weird part begins, my Gpu fan get's very loud and my cpu temp rises, normally it idles at 31 degrees but this time it idles at 42 degrees it's only supposed to get that hot when I'm playing a game
and it happened after I updated my bios, so do you guys think I should go back to my original version
I'm using an Evga p55 sli motherboard and an Intel core i3 530 @2.93ghz (not overclocked) and I got my bios update from Evga support and update is named A72 please help.
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  1. Acutally it just stopped on it's own.
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