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i hav an nvidia 275 gtx.when i chek gpu z bus interface it says

"the graphics card reports that it supports pci express x16 v2.0

but it is currently running at pci express x1 v2.0"

My gpu has depriciated in performance by a great deal recently and most games became unplayable all off a sudden.Could the above problem cause such poor performance.I am pety damn sure my mobo supports pci e x16 v2.0.I have all the latest drivers too.....
How can i get it working as a pci e x16 v2.0???

pls helppp........

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  1. It is running at x1 speed in a x16 slot. Check your BIOS settings for the PCIe slots.
  2. Which motherboard have you got?
  3. Had the same problem with my HD5850 recently, the solution was to remove it, clean the card contacts with a paper towel moistened with alcohol and reseat it.
    Be careful, though, the contacts are small and can be stripped off if you get heavy handed.
    If you do decide to remove and reseat the card, give the fan and heatsink a clean as well, there's no need to disassemble the cooler, just use a small brush to remove the stuff on the fan blades and then blow the heatsink out.
  4. hmmmm i did exactly the same.....and it workd....now evrything is fine.

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