Palit Geforce GTX 460 768mb gddr5

Hi all

hope someone can help

I have just bought the above, and put it into my motherboard which is here:

now I was using a Nvida Geforce 8600 GTS.

Nowmy guess is the PCI express as i think the motherboard only supports x4 but im sure the 8600 gts is x16 so im unure whats happening?

When i try and put the card into the board(the palit) the system doesnt recognize it and uses the onboard hardware instead even when i install the software.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    First of all,when your board support PCI-E x4,it means if you put a x16 card in it,it will operate at x4 speeds.
    About the GTX 460 issue,well although PCI-E 2.0 is backward compatible with PCI-E 1.0 card but some models don't follow this rule(especially the older PCI-E slots),so update your BIOS to the latest version.If it didn't help,then i think you have to get a new motherboard.
  2. Hi there and thanks for that il do that tomorrow, on a side note I bought ddr2ram it's branded by Kingston it's pc2 8500 cl5 240 pin. Now it's a 2.2v and works at 1066 MHz. I thought it wouldn't work in this motherboard but it does how is that...
  3. dump de bump bump :)
  4. The advertised speed of ram is just the highest guaranteed speed at which it can operate. It can also use speeds lower than that which is probably what is happening when installed in your motherboard.
    Did you try the BIOS update for the card?
  5. Hi and thanks for that... Oh i thought you had to have the correct bus speed otherwise it wouldnt work - oh well... no not yet updated bios. I was going to try to make a xp boot cd but its seems really complicated. Im gona wait till tomorrow to buy a diskette instead. unless theres a easy method on here im missing
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