AMD ATH 64 X2 5200 processors cosecutive 5 pins broken .

my amd ath 64 x2 5200 's five consecutive pins of corner are brken while i am refitting the same. now what will cause on pc if it is intalled and what have to do to solve the problem if pc not start
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  1. Unfortunately if the pins you are mentionin are the ones located in the cpu then there isnt much to do. Fitting it on your mobo will result in a no cpu signal from the motherboard and the computer simply will not start. Solution is simply to buy another one...
  2. yep if you broke the pins you may as well bin the cpu.
  3. Try to solder the pins back on or run it without them. Chances are neither of those plans will work (and they're both bad plans), but there's no good reason not to try it.
  4. Sorry to say your cpu with broken pins can not be repaired and it's time to find a replacement...
  5. Thanks friend. I will do as i told me.
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