EAH4850 problem

i curently have 2gb ddr2 ram on my motherboard
if i upgrade it to 4gb will it make my graphics card run smoother
and get rid of all the black squares

not sure whether its a graphics card problem but when playing cod mw2 black squares will start poping up in game

if not what is it

system specs
grphics card EAH4850
powersuply 500watts
cpu intel core duo E7400 2.80ghz
2gb ddr2
motherboard GA-EP31-DS3L
OP xp service pack 3
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  1. No. Black squares is black squares, not a lack of memory.

    I'd suggest running a CPU/Memory stress test (like Prime 95 or linX) while keeping an eye on temperatures (could be overheating).

    If that works, then try a GPU stressing program (like 3DMark06 or Vantage) and again keep an eye on temps.

    Is this a single slot 4850 (the originals)? Then there is a good chance it is overheating.

    Do you have the newest drivers? Did the game ever work properly?

    HWMonitor is a good program to see general system temps, and GPU-Z is good to keep an eye on the GPU stats.
  2. yeer its one of the original gpu cant update tried updating latest drivers for it wont allow me for some bizzare reason
  3. Download GPU-Z:


    Start GPU-Z.

    Go to the "Sensors" tab.

    Fill both check-boxes at the bottom (and choose a location for the data file).

    Start MW2 and play until you get black squares.

    Exit the game, stop logging to file (one of the check-boxes) in GPU-Z.

    Open the Text file and see what the highest GPU (or other reported) temp was.

    From this we'll be able to tell if the GPU is overheating.
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