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I have a Foxconn Blackops motherboard and would like to increase my current 4Gb of RAM to 8Gb. My current RAM is:

OCZ Platinum 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 PC3-10666C7 1333MHz Dual Channel (OCZ3P13334GK)
Speed - 1333MHz
Timing - 7-7-7-20
Voltage - 1.8v - 1.9v

To buy another set of RAM seems to cost about £20 and I would like to just add to my existing RAM but I can't find another set that matches the speed, timing and voltage of my current RAM. The closest I can find is:

Kingston Hyper X 1333Mz DDR3 NonECC CL7 4G Memory Module - Kit of 2
Speed - 1333MHz
Timing CL7 (I can't find anything more specific)
Voltage - 1.65v

I was wondering if anyone knew what the exact timing is of this RAM? Also, if I got this RAM to add to my current RAM, would it be okay to give it more voltage than it specified because my current RAM has a higher voltage requirement?

Otherwise I could spend double the money and get 8Gb of some 1600Mhz (or this). However I only really need more RAM when I do heavy internet browsing so I'm not sure I would want to spend £40 on it - I'd rather keep the money for my next upgrade. As a gaming rig, I've not ever needed more than 4Gb.

If anyone could help me out with their opinions, that would be great!

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  1. Amazon should provide the part number, however by the voltage it seems to be a triple channel kit for a X58 plataform?

    Anyway, mixing ram isn´t a wise thing to do, specially when you do not know its specifs.

    Yes 4Gb is enough for gaming, and should be enough for web browsing too. What browser are you using?
  2. I've just found the following page about Kingston RAM, so the timing is probably 7-7-7-20.


    I don't have any particular browser that I use. It is either Chrome, Firefox or Opera. It's just that I can have a million tabs open and I can exceed my 4Gb. I'm thinking that I should just keep my money and put it towards my next big upgrade. Damn my annoying voltage-awkward RAM!
  3. The timing is the same for sure, but the voltage is not.

    Honestly if I was in your situation I´d just enjoy myself gaming with 4GB, which is enough for most games out there.

    Meanwhile you can keep yourself search for the same or similar ram kit.
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