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I got a simple problem hopefully you guys could help me with. Here are the details.

I'm using a tv monitor as compter monitor and everything has been great and I've had no problems.

I decided to install Oblivion on my computer. It installed fine and everything was ok. I decided to play some Mount and Blade (which I had Floris expanded add-on pack that I used) but this time it couldn't access a texture for some reason, so I decided to restart my computer.

Now this where the problem arrived. I had my resolution set to 1440x900, now it can only use it's native resolution which is 1280x700. I went to change my resolution, and for some reason it had the option to go all the way up to 1600x1200 I think, which is strange. I noticed that it had the black blocks on the top and bottom taking up computer screen, the same kind you would see when watching tv if you had your tv screen set up in a certain way. I suspect this may be the problem.

When I play games, I can play in 1440x900, which is strange as well.
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  1. Your graphics card won't know what your max resolution is on the tv monitor, so, simply set native resolution in game to match how you intend to play; the ability to set for higher res options within the game obviously does not necessarily mean it will work on your tv. Once your tv can no longer sync on the image, eventually you will be 'rewarded' with only a blackscreen, sound only.
  2. Well, now the situation evolved quite rapidly. I switched a different monitor to see if it had the same problem, it did. Went back to my old one, not it just constantly says format not supported....
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