Wistron DRUC-U2 802.11g usb2 adapter

could you help?
i have this adapter:
wistron DRUC-U2 802.11g usb2 adapter
i tried to install the driver on the cdrom but it is good only for XP.
i have win7.
could you help me install it?
(after installing the driver i can see the adapter in the device manager as "cohiba 3887 rev0" but it's saying that the device didn't installed correctly).
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  1. This is the same chipset as used in an aged and pretty horrid Inventel wireless adapter distributed by Orange. There are lots of people Googling for a driver, even for Vista, never mind Win7.

    My experience of using the Orange version was that it wouldn't connect to the latest 802.11n routers even when they were set to 802.11g or mixed mode.

    My advice, dump it and buy something new that comes with a Win7 driver on the CD.
  2. it's ok my router is not so new :)
    do you know where could i download the driver?
  3. It's so old and has been abandoned by the main vendor (Orange). The chances anyone has bothered to write a driver for Win7 is even less likely than for Vista which people were looking for unsuccessfully.
  4. if it's good for vista it will be good for 7 no?
  5. "for Vista which people were looking for unsuccessfully"
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