Did I buy an incompatible cpu?

I bought an Asus M4A785-M and a Phenom x4 9850 quad core HD9850XAJ4BGH 2.50 GHZ 4MB cache. On the Asus website it list Phenom x4 9850 but list

Phenom X4 9850 (HD9850WCJ4BGH),rev.B3,SocketAM2+,Quad-C…
Phenom X4 9850 (HD985ZXAJ4BGH),2.5GHz,125W,rev.B3,Socke…

My computer does start and everything but blue screen crashes about 5 to 15 minutes I just built this computer myself and have been having trouble finding a problem and was thinking maybe it's possible that's it's incompatible due to the different model number or whatever that is. Someone please help.

Would a computer even start if the CPU was incompatible?
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  1. The bluescreen crashes may be the ram or power supply issues. List your complete system specs. The cpu should be fine for your board.
  2. If the CPU was incompatible you wouldn't get past at most a POST screen.

    A blue screen is a Windows error, usually with hardware.

    A blue screen handily provides a lot of information, posting the information the blue screen provides will help find out the issue.
  3. Your CPU is on the support list so it should work, like oldie said it could be a RAM or power issue. Try running memtest to see if its RAM and post your full specs. BTW strange choice of CPU and motherboard for a new build. Did you manage to load windows OK?
  4. could be heat issues if no thermal paste was applied, or if the heatsink/fan is not attached properly, or not able to dissipate enough heat.
  5. Sorry I didn't list specs.

    Motherboard: M4A785-M
    CPU: Phenom 9850 2.50 ghz quad core
    Power Supply:Ultra LSP 550w. 135mm fan. Input: AC input voltage: 115/230v. AC input frequency: 60/50hz.
    Ram: 2 sticks of hynix 1gb 2Rx8 pc2 - 5300U - 555 12, 2 sticks of hynix 512mb 2Rx8 pc2 - 5300U - 555 12 (All the ram is recycled from my old computer but work)

    I had 4 sticks of ram at first the system would just crash blue screen at windows 7 installer but when i left only 2 sticks of ram in it went as far as installing windows 7 and the drivers on the motherboard but keeps crashing after that. I wasn't able to install the lan driver from my motherboard because it requires a restart and when it does that it seems to not complete the installation on that. Just keeps blue screen crashing with the message i listed above.

    Thermal paste was applied.
  6. your using win 7?
    it may just need hpet turned on. 32 for 32bit win7 or 64 for 64bit...
    i really do hope its that simple for you...
    if its set incorrectly you will get random bsod's
    so check bios first b4 you remove anything... and yeah i know its simple but you would be suprised at the amount of people that have missed this 1.

    if that doesnt fix it then remove the 512 sticks first just to see if its a mmu compatability issue.
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