Best MOBO/CPU Combo for Overclocking

Hey All
Going to do my first Gaming Rig on a small budget Hopefully and need a good suggestion on the brain of the RIG

I do some light gaming WOW,Starcraft,Star Trek Online ,COD Black Ops etc on a 32" LCD HD TV to save money for a good Graphics card im looking for a MOBO/CPU that will overclock to the max(i will be using Noctua cooling Products)

Upgradabillity is a must in case i want to get serious about my Rig later on (Crossfire,USB3.0 etc)

Graphics Card Suggestions Welcome

I have a 1TB Hard Drive ,Dual Layer DVD Burner,LCD TV
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  1. Did you have a budget in mind? "Small bugdet for gaming" typically means AMD Athlon X4. The X4 635 or 640 are good choices for a small overclock on the stock cooler. There are lots of MB choices out there (Asus, Gigabyte, etc...). Look for an 800 series chipset, 2xPCIe x16, USB 3.0.... On the GPU front, the 5770 is a good performer at a good price point.
  2. Eh... 700 series chipset. Fine and all, but how about => ...or...

    ...or do you really need the 4 PCIe slots in board from the link you posted?
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