Umax 600 w SMPS

Can anyone tell about the UMAX 600 W SMPS.

Is it good or not ?
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  1. Irrespective of your system configuration, that is not a good PSU by any means.. It won't deliver the advertised 600W (not even close to it), has poor efficiency and etc..etc..etc.. Get rid of it as soon as possible.. Give your full system spec and let us help you get a good PSU fit for your system and within your budget..
  2. no, not good.
  3. UMAX labels its nPower power supply units based on their peak power rating not on their continuous power rating.

    That would mean that your UMAX nPower SMPS UPN 600R is really a 480 Watt power supply at most.

    UMAX can be lumped in with other disreputable brands like Zebronics when it comes to power supply units.

    You will notice that reputable name brands always label their power supplies based on their continuous power rating and the power supplies are actually able to deliver what the label specifies.
  4. lmao, zebronix. are they made by Zebras? maybe just made from their poop.
  5. Best answer
    p5g41t-m lx board
    8gb(4gb*2) ram 1333(o.c)
    core2 quad 8300 2.5 ghz
    1tb+160gb hdd seagate 7200rpm
    1 rear chassis fan
    1 cd/dvd writer

    i have bought umax 600w psu bt its nt supporting means it just power on fr 3 sec and it went off...i couldnt attach 2 hdd at a time , if i connect one dvd drive it goes the dvd drive is nt wrking on that psu.. what to do ?? plz help me asap
  6. saxenaman said:
    Can anyone tell about the UMAX 600 W SMPS.

    Is it good or not ?

    I had bought umax 600 w psu along with nvidia gts 450 on may 2012 ..its july 2015 and its still runnning fine till date , never had a prblem till now..btw i sold my gts 450 in 2013 and since then i am on integrated gpu..

    My pc specs are:
    1. cpu: amd phenom 2 x2 550 with Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO Cooler
    2. 4 GB dual channel ddr2 ram , no unused slot left
    3. Gigabyte M68M-S2P (Socket M2) motherboard
    4.umax 600 W psu
    5.ViewSonic VA2249s 22 inch LED Backlit LCD full HD Monitor
  7. Guys for the sake of god dont buy this psu

    It is non reliable
    Within 45 Days it I Had to replace it twice

    NO over clocking CPU
    NO overclocking GPU
    NOoverclocking RAM

    And still it failed to give the result

    Better go with reputaued brands for PSU'S(belive me its worth the money)

    MY pc con fig;

    AMD FX 8320E
    Hyper X 8gb DDR3
    Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM
    Gigabyte 970A-D3P
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