If a laptop's graphics card is integrated into the motherboard, im stuck right? how about in this situation, i have a lenovo g460, i3-330m. I went over to the intel site and searched for the i3-330m and it said that i have 1 PCI EXPRESS PORT. (Pci 2.0, 1x16) does this mean i have hope for adding a graphics card?
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  1. Only if your laptop manufacturer put the slot on the motherboard, and is unlikely that they did, if your model didnt come with discrete cards then it wasnt worth the extra money to put it on the board.
  2. It is possible you can upgrade the video card. Lenovo does have a G460 model that has a nVidia 310m 512MB video card. However, you should call Lenovo tech support to find out if it is possible.

    If so, then you need to find a place that sell laptop video cards. Easier said than done. Maybe you can buy directly from Lenono.
  3. There is a product called ViDock that allows you to attach a video card to your laptop.
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