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I'd like to upgrade the PSU on my little guy (Aspire X3910-U3012) in order to get a graphics card that can handle dual monitors. The PSU in it is a Chicony CPB09-D220R 220W 100-127/220-240V. I'm having a hard time finding a compatible PSU for it. Anyone have any suggestions for me? I know these Slimlines are a pain to upgrade, but it's only used at home, so I don't want to buy a new machine.

Any suggestions on a PSU or Graphics Card would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Depends how much you have to spend, and also if you will be able to fit a normal GPU, or whether you can only fit a low profile GPU. Also, is the PSU ATX or MATX? What are the dimensions?
  2. I'm okay with spending a little if the product is good.

    The PSU measures about 7.75in (197mm) long, 3.4in (86mm) deep, and 2in (51mm) tall. It will only hold a low profile GPU. Good thing I haven't used up that spare PCI slot yet ;)
  3. Take some measurements before you buy the PSU or the graphics card. Check for clearances.
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