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So I finally replaced my old rig (2.01 Ghz Hp A320n with 3 gigs of ram) with a refurb Dell Inspiron 570 Mt from It came with the Athlon 2 X4 630 processor, 1 TB hd, 6 gigs dd3 1333 generic dell ram, a DVD writer drive, multi card reader, and the normal peripherals. I want to make some upgrades but am having some serious issues finding any information on the motherboards Dell used with this thing.

I know I have the slots for the upgrades I want to make but I am trying to figure out if the power supply I'm looking at will work and find some more information on the motherboard if anyone has any. Right now I want to max the ram at 8 gigs, add a decent video card, throw in another hd and dvd writer, and replace the power supply. I'm looking at a coolermaster rs-900 power supply and a radeon hd 6850 (non-sli, the motherboard only has 1 video slot, though I am told the chipset is am2, am2+, and am3 compatible so I may change the motherboard somewhere down the road too). Is this enough power for what I'd like to do?

any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I have the exact same computer from the same seller. Paid $280 for it, couldn't be happier. I had ordered one with less memory and a smaller hard drive but they ran out of stock of that configuration and offered me the 6GB/1TB model for the same price. Works for me.

    Before I even fired it up, I made three upgrades. One, I changed out the SATA cables for ones with 90-degree bends to accomodate an HD4870 video card. Turns out I didn't need to do that. Two, I installed the HD4870 card, which is plenty big and long and it fit fine. Three, I installed a 700-watt Raidmax Aurora2 Power Supply. Then I discovered the 4870 was toasted (artifacted on even simple YouTube 240p videos). Took that out and still shopping for a video card with 2 DVI ports.

    I don't think the HD6850 will have any trouble fitting or working. The power supply won't be a problem either. I don't see why you'd want to upgrade from 6GB to 8GB, it seems pointless. Now if you upgrade your motherboard and processor, you'll have a few more options, but if you're going to spend that kind of money, not sure why you bought a used 570 to begin with.

    If I make any upgrades to this computer, it would be to swap in a six-core AMD chip, probably a working pull like a 1035T or 1045T (OEM only, you can't just buy these things). According to a couple of searches on the Dell community forums, a 1055T will run but shows up as a generic processor. Still performs better, especially with faster memory. There's 1333MHz DDR3 in there now. 1600MHz is worth the hassle to change all four chips. And that may be where going from 6GB to 8GB is worth it, if you're going to use a faster speed while you're in there swapping chips.

    What's funny is with the on-board HD4200 graphics, I get like 15fps in GTA IV. No joke, it actually runs it with no discrete card in there, it's just stuttery and it sucks bad during rain. Overcast day, daytime, it flies just fine. At night, in the rain, I might as well whip out San Andreas on my old PS2.
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