Water Blocks Needed?

If i would have a GTX 470 do i really need to have waterblocks?? My resolution is 1600x900 and my game hours is 4-7 hours games are just the newly released ones this year and years 2008-2010
Which are:
Just Cause 2
Mafia II
Splinter Cell 2010
MoH 2010
Metro 2033

Thats ALL..

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  1. Unless you have a liquid cooling system setup already you dont want to have water blocks, liquid cooling will run you an additional ~$300 for a good setup, and air cooled GTX 470s work just fine, they run a little hot but that was expected and they were designed around that fact.
  2. as long as you have a well cooled case with lots of fans and your ambient temperature is not too high, then no you don't.

    even 90c is still normal for a gtx470 under load
  3. My Screen Res is 1600x900 also i'd like to ask if a 5770 would be well. at this resolution. My games are Splinter Cell 2010,James Bond 007 Blood Stone,Call Of Juarez 2,Just Cause 2,GTA IV TBoGT and TLaD,Mafia II,Metro 2033,Crysis,Cryostasis,Necrovision and Starcraft II. Tell me if that 5770 would perform well on Metro i'll play at DX11 but no DX Features i think. If not i'd buy a GTX 470 or a GTX 480

    GTX 480-http://www.pcx.com.ph/index.php/gigabyte-gtx480-1536ddr5.html
    GTX 470-http://www.pcx.com.ph/index.php/inno3d-gtx470-1280ddr5-hawk-fan.html
    HD5770-http://www.pcx.com.ph/index.php/his-hd5770-1gb-ddr5-hdmi.html or XFX one?

    Also if the GTX 480 fit my H57 Chipset mobo.
  4. Also can i install my GTX 480 in my H57 Chipset mobo?
  5. yes you can.

    A 5770 will do just fine on those games and resolution, but for around the price of 470 you should consider a 6870, it's faster, use less power and run cooler than both 5850 and gtx470
  6. Hey i plan to buy anything of the 3 GTX 480,5770 but i just can't find a 6870 at my country(Philippines) I would like to ask if they would fit @ my mobo the H57 ATX Mobo i think. My Pc is HP Pavillion 6390d. i5 750 $ GB RAM DDR3 ATI 4650 500w PSU
  7. Any of those cards and ANY PCIE x16 graphics card will fit your motherboard without a problem, just make sure there's enough room in your case between the drive bays and the expansion bays at the back, and also adequate ventilation .
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