Exhaust Or Intake?


I recently built my first PC and noticed that it runs a bit warm for my liking.
I have one 200mm in the front of the case and one 140mm in the top of the case configured to intake.

I will be replacing the top 140mm fan with two 120mm noctuas, and I simply wish to know if I would get better cooling results with the top 120mm fans configured for exhaust or intake with the following build.

My specs are as follows:

Case: Corsair 600T Graphite series
MOBO: ASUS Crosshair IV Formula
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1100T/Noctua NH-D14
GPU: HIS 6850 X2
RAM: Kingston Hyper-X Genesis Grey Edition 8GB
PSU: SeaSonic X750 Gold
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  1. Generally speaking; Top, Rear = Exhaust / Side, Bottom, Front = Intake
  2. How hot is your ambient air temperature?

    Also, I'm an advocate of positive case air pressure which means you should have more intake than exhaust. It may be a bit worse for cooling, but it helps keep dust out.
  3. You should just use one intake on the top. Populate the spot right above the CPU cooler. And if you really want to, use the second top fan as an exhaust, right above the mobo VRMs.
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