Dual Raids (sata2 and sata3) Possbile?

I want to know if it is possible to run two raid 0's simultaneously. Meaning can I raid two drives on Sata2 ports and raid two drives on sata3 ports. Using one of the raids as a boot/OS install drive, and the other raid as a storage for games to allow for quick loads. I want to know what motherboard out there supports this. It also needs to support at least 2 PCIe 16X and DDR3-2000Mhz. I also am going to be running an i7-960 LGA 1366.
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  1. I dont know of any mainboards supporting a pair of RAID 0s...; many, however, will support RAID5, which is faster than twin disk-RAID 0 anyway....

    Additionally, at least RAID5 will allow for a single disk to fail without completely screwing you.... :)
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