Help problems after installing gtx 470.

Hi guys I already posted this in the windows 7 forum, but I decided that is probably the wrong section for this now. Here is what I posted:

Hi guys I just bought an asus gtx 470 v2 and it is working fine- I have checked temperatures and my computer doesnt crash. But on startup at the "starting windows" screen for just a split second random lines (a few thin lines) flash just for less than a second just before the "starting windows" screen switches to the login screen. What could be the problem? I have checked the drivers are updated to the latest version and as far as i can tell they are- I did update them through windows 7 device manager though... could that be the problem?, should I download the latest drivers from nvidias website?

I just installed the latest drivers from NVIDIA's site but still no luck, the lines still appear!

EDIT: I have also been having problems with my computer starting up slowly now and my disk says it is 17% fragmented and i only defragged it a week or two ago. I have also been getting wierd startup problems such as my desktop icons not being there on startup and then refreshing several times, my disk has makes on odd sound when it spins down on shutdown, the windows 7 network manager has been locking up occasionally which i though was a conflict with another program so i started up without an startup applications. It still happend, I really don't know what the problem is but i would really like a solution because I have no idea what is going on.

My setup is as follows:
Windows 7 Pro 64bit
AMD x4 955 @ stock
Antec 300
Western Digital WD5000AAKS 500GB SATAII 7200RPM 16MB Cache - OEM Caviar Blue
and an optical drive (a writemaster I think)

ANOTHER EDIT: I just restarted my machine again and if I wait at the login screen for say 10-30 seconds then login, I don't get any of the startup problems. But I noticed when i login the same lines that appeared upon login at the windows is starting up screen appear at the top of the screen for a split second upon login but this time it is only one at the top left of the screen.
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  1. Can you get a picture of these "lines?"
    It can be a faulty card or the card isn't getting enough power.

    If anything, a clean install of Windows 7 might be in order.

    I reposted the thread in the graphics card section but got a reply in the windows 7 section first sorry about that.
  3. Dead link, post again -
  4. Are you having a hard drive problem? Windows 7 does a lot of indexing and background work for the hard drive, especially in the week after installation. Even a hard drive that otherwise seems fine, may be exposed as faulty due to the heavy workload. It can also cause a lot of seemingly unrelated errors.
  5. I've had the computer around 2-3 weeks I can't remember exactly... but hopefully your right and it's just windows. Guess i'll wait and find out. BTW that wasn't a bad link, I think it got removed by an admin. Thanks for your help guys.
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