Boot-up takes several minutes, windows open in slow motion

My son has a Dell Vostro 200MT. Windows 7 32 bit, upgraded from Vista. He has a e7200 CPU, onboard graphics, 4GB Ram.

He has been doing some intense computing and said he has been maxing out his CPU's at 100% for weeks. For starters, the system for several months has not shut-down, only rest when asked to shutdown. He has been using sleep mode. Over the past several days, when starting up it goes to the BSOD. This could be from him powering down PC since it won't shutdown. Now, system takes over 5 minutes to boot up. When logged in, the windows maximize and minimize in slow motion. You can see then slowly open/close and move across the screen and are translucent. We did a fresh install of windows 7 and have same thing. He thinks that the CPU may be destroyed. Any suggestions.

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  1. Start by resetting BIOS!
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