Changed 3 mother boards already - is config bad or something else ?

Hey guys,

Here's my new CPU configuration :

Intel i7-870,
Cooler master Extreme power plus PSU 600w,
GPU ATI radeon HD5770,
Mother board: dont know ?

I dont know whats wrong but my CPU kept crashing after using the PC for sometime (around 30 minutes). The guy who assembled it for me (dont know anything about PCs so had some friend's friend do it for me) said that the mother board had been shorted or something.

He got it replaced and it happened again so we got the PSU replaced. The PC ran fine for 3-4 days after PSU replacement so it seemed like the problem was solved. But it has happened again and he tells me that we gotta change the mother board again.

Can u guys tell what could be the problem here ?

I have
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  1. update the bios, you need to know what is your motherboard, is it asus, intel, msi, gigabyte? after knowing it, download and install the latest bios for your motherboard from that manufacturer's website... or
    if you will be replacing the motherboard, just go for the intel motherboards, the intel blkd P55, or intel blkd H55. it will never give you a problem, sometimes motheboard with different brands has design flaw issues, but an intel to intel combination of processor + motherboard will never give you crashing problems, unless your video card or psu has the problem.
  2. thanks
  3. The problem seems to be the builder. Anyone worth his salt would not be replacing 3 mobos in one build. Needs to do more cerebral activity before blind parts replacement.
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