Memory mistake...

So this is the memory i bought....

And this is the motherboard that i currently have...(forgot to check the specs...)

As far as i can tell the two are not compatible, iv been told that i shouldnt have any problems and that the mobo and cpu will dumb it down to 1333...i guess i wont really know untill the RAM comes in, but i was just wondering if anyone else has tried this or maybe made a newbie mistake and orderd the wrong RAM aswell.... Really im just worried about my system crashing if i plug this RAM in.

Anyway any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated...idk what elses to say really....i kinda feel like a dumb ass for not checking my system specs...
Again, Thanks for your time....i hope it all works out.
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  1. You should be fine. Memory will run slower then the 1600 specification. You should be fine at 1333 and if you want you might try lowering the timings from 9-9-9-24 at the lower speeds to help throughput. Memtest86 could help in this as well as prime95.
  2. The gskill should work on your board at 1333. Newegg has that speed for only $25 today with no rebate. You can sell your current ram on craigslist.
  3. yea, i should have waited...i saw the ram for 25 bucks and makes me feel even stupider....i bought the 1600 ram for only 30 dollars tho so no big on the i said im just worried about the compatibility. So does anyone know if im gonna have to manualy change the speeds and timing or will my mobo and cpu do it automatically???
  4. Well I purchased a 24G kit back in February when it was $400 and the last I looked it was at $149.
  5. bummer...
  6. hey guys can i join,,i have a question,,i have a 1 gb transcend memory 800 mhz installed on my computer and i put another 2 gb kingston 667 mhz but when i go to bios it only says that i have 667 mhz but it works fine..,wheres the other 800 mhz,,i thought that bought 800 and 667 will add each other??? is this normal??
  7. Memory works at the slowest timing that is installed in a motherboard.
  8. yea man theres nothing worse than buying something and then seeing it go for wayyyy cheaper somewhere else....or at a diff time. But thanks for the feedback, so your saying no matter the memory speed its only going to run what the mobo allows? Thats super cool, i guess you learn something new every day. :] But like i said i was just worried about the compatibility...honestly i dont mind the 8gb running at 1333, i just wanted to upgrade mt 4gb to 8gb. So as long as it all runs as smooth as it does now then i will be a happy camper. :] Thanks again for the feedback.
  9. The only thing you have to worry about with memory is if your motherboard supports the amount of ram you are putting in each slot and the pin count of the chips. If you try to put a 240 pin memory chip into a lesser or more count slot you will have issues. Most motherboards will slow down the ram to a speed which it can use.
  10. cool, thanks for the info man. GREATLY appreciated!!!
  11. Just installed the RAM and so far its working flawlesly! Thanks again for the feedback guys!!!
  12. Most welcome. :)
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