Motherboard memory support 800/667 and 1066(O.C.)?

I'm not sure if my motherboard supports just 800 mhz memory sticks that can be overclocked up to 1066 mhz through the bios or does it also supports 1066 mhz sticks that can be overclocked further as well?

I see the same goes for the FSB. It states 1600(O.C)/1333/1066/800MHz

I'm trying to get more than 2GB memory RAM soon and I'm trying to figure out what's the best option for this motherboard:


I also am not sure yet what would be a good memory brand and choice. I have yet to find out too if I can use DD3 memory as well.
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  1. 1066 speed is only when you overclock the cpu. Try dropping your ram fsb to 667 and raising the cpu fsb about 20% for a stable overclock. This ram is a good buy from frys: page:cyber-mondayp2. Or this ram from newegg:
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