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I have a Linksys BESFR41 router connected to my DSL modem with three computers connected, currently I believe all of my ports are blocked. I am able to play many games online such as Ravenshield, Call of Duty, and Guild Wars Preview with no problems at all.

My concern is, that how is that these games are working even though all my ports are blocked? I ask only because I am worried that a game that I may buy in the future such as Counter Strike Source or WH40K: Dawn of War may refuse to work because of my firewall.

How do I know what games will work, and won't work? I dont have admin privelages so I can't open any ports.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

PS I am the only one that does the online gaming on my network.
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  1. Who has Admin privs?
    You wont really know untill you try the game. If it wont connect up, look on the net and find out what ports to open up and tell the Admin to open them up for you.
  2. When a computer reqeusts information it does not use a port. Ports are only needed when you are sending data to a computer that did not request it.
    In older games like quake3 the server computer would send data to each computer about where everyone is on the map (just as an example). Nowadays your computer asks the server "where is everyone on the map?" and the server sends the data. This means an open port is not required because your computer has asked for the data.

    Basically most newer games will not need open ports. I know dawn of war doesnt cause I own it.
  3. Thanks Jammy! That really clarifies things for me, so I guess I dont have to worry to much about it.
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