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Currently I'm using ASUS M4A79X TD mainboard. I got myself 4GB G.Skills 1333MHz, 8-8-8-24 dual channel at 1.5V

Since my CPU's ( Phenom II X4 965BE ) memory controller handles up to 1333MHz RAMs and mainboard recommended voltage for RAMs is 1.5V
this is what i bought. Recommendation i got from QVL list in manual.

Now is that make any difference in performance if i use 1600MHz with my mainboard ?
Does it make any difference if i use any other RAMs 1333MHz same timings but at higher voltage ( for instance 1,65V ) ?
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  1. If the ram is on the QVL list, you are good as to compatibility.

    On amd cpu's, faster ram can help. On sandy bridge it does not.
    On balance, I would not try to overclock your ram to get higher speeds.

    1.65v ram is 1.5v ram that can be overclocked by adding voltage to get higher speeds.
    It will also run, by default on lower speeds.

    In general, my take is, that more ram is better than faster ram, and it is not worth tweaking it to run faster at the expense of instability.
  2. What i wanted to ask is

    1. Within the same specs for instance DDR3 1333MHz CL8 1.5v vs DDR3 1333MHz CL8 1.65v ( running on stock values and both same make )
    would there be any difference in performance?

    2. Using same manufacturer's memory with same CL timing and voltage, would 1600MHz perform better than 1333MHz even CPU controller handles up to 1333 ?
  3. Would it perform better? Yes.
    By how much? Not enough to matter.
    Read this article:,2319.html
  4. Synthetic memory bandwith test showing advantage of faster memory but gaming and PCMark tests going for shorter timings.
    Reason i asked is i'm considering changing my CPU to FX-8150 and what comes with it memory works at 1866MHz.
    The best timings i could find was Mushkin DDR3 PC3-14900 9-10-9-27 Redline ( if i get that CPU ).
    I'm trying to find out before i make up my mind if those DDRs with 9-10-9-27 perform faster than my current 1333MHz 8-8-8-23
    or perhaps i should go for 1600MHz 8-8-8-23 rather than those Mushkins?

    Between them 2 - 1866MHz 9-10-9-27 and 1333MHz 8-8-8-23 timings are not massively bigger frequency is.
  5. Sorry for double post....

    By saying "Would it perform better? Yes." you meant lower voltage would perform faster ?
  6. TamLin said:
    Sorry for double post....

    By saying "Would it perform better? Yes." you meant lower voltage would perform faster ?

    No; higher speed or lower latencies would let the cpu perform a bit better.
    To accomplish that you need to up the voltage in the bios.

    You need to understand that synthetic benchmarks measure ram speed, not actual application performance or fps.
    Most of the time you are looking at negligible real app performance differences.

    If you are a knowledgeable record seeking overclocker, go at it.
    If you are a normal user, don't bother.
  7. By bringing up the voltage I will increase speed but latency will
    Stay unchanged?

    I'm down to two options if I get FX-8150:
    - DDR3 1600MHz cl8 (may overclock to 1866)
    - DDR3 1866MHz cl9 (at stock values)

    between them 2, which one do you think would be working faster
    With that cpu mentioned above?
  8. When you increase the speed, the latency will also increase, which is not so good.

    If you are a gamer, the FX-8150 will be no better than your current x4.
  9. I just like to build/upgrade , my current pc is good enough but
    I enjoy trying new things. This time I may go for intel.

    Thanks for your help.
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