Computer Won't boot Did all the test steps

Ok so, I just got a new mobo and video card. The video card fired the first week, then all of a sudden when i got my new one nothing is happening no boot to bios NOTHING, So i sent it back. Now it still won't boot and this is a brand new mobo. Please help thank you.
Specs are ASUS M4A77D AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard
Video card: Ati 5670 512 meg
Ram: 2 gig Crucial DDR2
PSU: Generic Rion
HDD: Western Ditagel
Thank you
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  1. Have you tested the generic RION?
  2. No, but, The green light on the motherboard is on. It the computer turns on but it just idles, usually it'll rev up the cpu fan and boot to bios etc. Im having the worse time with this ):
  3. Is the cpu fan spinning ? do you get any beeps?
  4. Its spinning, but not like it usually does, It usually revs up and boots to bios when its working properly, now it just idles and doesn't boot at all, and I can't find a speaker to put on
  5. I'm not as smart as some on here, but it might help if you had the speaker, just to see if there are any errors, it would give you some direction where to look.
  6. Ok so what if there isn't any beeps?
  7. well I'm not an expert so please take that into account, are you sure the cpu is seated properly?
  8. Yes it is, Im usually good with computers, I'm having such a rough time
  9. Please guys Help me
  10. do you have onboard video, if so i would switch to that remove the video card and try again, also i would check all the mobo screws and standoffs make sure its not touching anything behind the mobo.
  11. I dont have on board :p, And also, The screws are like touching the little soder parts where the screws go in
  12. I just can't figure it out.
  13. Generally, if you have a mobo speaker connected to the mobo, the absence of beeps is indicative a mobo failure. If you truly have worked through all of the steps in the troubleshooting checklist, then you would have noticed jsc's guide to breadboarding. Have you done this, too?
  14. Well, I don't have a speaker, is there any way I can find out what is wrong with out one.?
  15. Yes. I would start with breadboarding your rig.
  16. Can you show me the Guide please.
  17. Do you think my board is shorting its self out ?
  18. A short is possible. With the anticipation and anxiety of a new mobo, little things are often overlooked or not thought of. One of the best practices with homebuilds is that you breadboard frst, just to ensure all of the parts are functional. Installing the mobo and assembling the rig into the case first, and then finding problems can be very annoying.

    Beside the mere convenience of knowing your parts are good, building outside of the case first can help you apply the correct pressure when installing parts. You see, though it is relatively simple to do, installing parts while the mobo is already in the case limits the workspace you have.
  19. What should I use to put the mobo on? It didn't really say on the forum thing. :P
  20. Any non-conductive surface, like a phone book or wood, will do.
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