Cheap AMD HTPC Build - Which Power Supply?

Budget HTPC Build
This is my first build, so any suggestions are more than welcome. I'm following a build suggested by Catalan Here

I need a suggestion for a CPU. The one that comes with the case is 220w, I don't think this is enough. Recommendation?

CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 Regor 2.8 $57
Motherboard: BIOSTAR A880G+ AM3 AMD 880G $60
Graphics Card: On Board
Hard Drive: 500Gb Hitachi 7200 RPM 16mb Sata - $30
OS: W7 - already have
Case: silverstone LC02 clone w/ 220w silverstone PSU (already have)
RAM: A-DATA 2Gb x 1 DDR3 1600 $24
Optical Drive: Sony slim Dvd-RW (already have)
Remote: MCE Remote w/ internal IR receiver. $22.50
Exhaust Fan: 80x15mm evercool fan $10
PSU: Need a recommendation

Planned use: WMC HTPC - netflix, Hulu, movies on hardrive. I might eventually want to use as a dvr and add tuner card / external tuner. I just cut the cable.

Total: 200ish if my math is correct.
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    if that's a Silverstone PSU. It should be fine. You use only about 140W with that build, even stressing to 100% CPU and 100% on all components, its 159W. so the PSU Calculator recommends at least 209W. you have 220, and from Silverstone, a fantastically high quality company.
  2. Awesome. Thanks bloodymoth and ScrewySqrl. Time to start buying and building!
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