I built a pc a while back and I am now trying to turn it into an htpc. I want a keyboard that has a built in mouse and is wireless I think the rii keyboard sounds nice....has anybody actually used it? it seems a bit small.

the logitech harmony remote sounds nice to control my pc, 360, sound system and tv from what I read...but where do I find a decent ir receiver for my pc that not only can control media center but can turn my pc on and off? I dont need a htpc case my pc case fits under the entertainment unit so as far as ir receivers go I would need a 5.25 bay unit. I have found many that are discontinued and I have a hard time finding info about the ones that are not as far as what they can actually do.

I was also wondering about tv tuner cards also. I would like to eventually record all of my dvd/vhs media on my pc and a tuner card seems to be a good option. but beyond that and recording tv is a tuner worth the extra money if I already have a geforce 9800gtx?

are there any other items that would be necessary for a htpc that I may be forgetting?
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  1. tuner cards are not that expensive....

    Pity, the modern equivalent of 9800Pro All in Wonder cards seem to have fallen from favor; great card from forgotten times! (Todays equivalent would be a 5970 with All in Wonder capability.....)
  2. One of the tuner cards I was recommended was the Hauppage 1250. It has been a while since I've looked at tuners, so consumer opinions may have changed.
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