Add a new graphic card to my intel gma x4500hd

I have a gateway sx2840 with an intel gma 4500 hd graphic card and I would like to know which graphic card that i can upgrade to it. Just for best perfomance not for gaming.
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  1. First of all, you need a low profile card. That means that the highest you could go, with the best performance, would be a 5670 or 5570. But please clarify what you intend to use the card for. If you don't game, you don't need the card with the "best performance." A 5570 would be major overkill if all you do is watch movies and browse the web. If you don't game, there might not even be a reason to upgrade at all.
    P.S. If you decide to get a new card, you better upgrade the power supply as well. 220w just won't cut it for even a moderately powerful card.
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