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i have built computers before but never had this problem wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts.
i just built a gaming computer for my brother for christmas worked fine installed all the drivers then i went to install a netgear wirelss usb card the software installed and when it said to plug in the usb i did but the computer shut off instantly. Now i seen some people having a similar problems with usb shutdowns only mine won't boot back on at all. Could it be a CPU or Motherboard problem, forcing me to buy a new one? and if any help the green status light on the motherboard itself still comes on so maybe the CPU?
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  1. sounds as though the motherboard experienced some sort of short at that USB connection...; difficult to say if it is the MB or PSU, but, the PSU is the first and easiest *and* a very likely culprit.

    The green light on the mb unfortunately means very little, except that a little bit of trickle power (10 watts) is sensed by the MB for "wake on Lan" functionality, etc...

    Odds are the cpu is probably ok, which is only of little comfort when mainboards run between $80 and $170, excluding some on the $800 x58 monsters....
  2. ok thank you very much i guess that wil be my first approach on fixing the problem.
  3. I would contact the motherboard manufacturer or retailer. You should be able to get a new board under warranty.
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