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So I am a first-time computer builder and I want a reliable, future proof motherboard. I'm not too big of a gamer the most graphic intense game I plan to play will be starcraft 2 with a full hd monitor.
I want at least 1 pcie x16 card slot
An AM3 socket that runs AMD phenom ii x4 955 out of the box (doesn't need bios update)
A onboard sound and video chip
Has atleast 1 pci slot
atleast 1 pcie x1 slot for a wireless adapter
Atleast 4 usbs
I know integrated gpus are pretty much trash but i'm a little low on money so an integrated card will do for now.


Here are some boards I'm looking at
Could you please give me a good board model that fits the specifications above as well as giving me an opinion on the boards I'm looking at.
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  1. For what you plan, the first Gigbyte board you selected looks fine to me....

    (Can't swear to great playability on any games other than Quake3 with inegrated video, however!)

    Onboard sound is fine, I've not bought a sound card since the year 2000....
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