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im looking to get a decent graphics card in which i will get like constant 240 fps on cod 4 and i can watch HD movies.. i play quite a bit of games and stuff so maybe a gaming graphics card? but not too expensive round about 85$ or so which should i get?
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  1. You won't achieve that high of a frame-rate just by plopping in a fast graphics card alone, your whole system needs to be capable. If your bottlenecked by another part for instance your frame-rate will cap until you upgrade that other component.

    Also the size and resolution of your screen makes a big difference (ill assume 1080p).
    My setup is in my sig as a for instance:

    @1680x1050 default driver settings [except max perf and single display perf modes]
    and no AA or AF
    ~240 -450 on the snow mobile level
    ~100 -300 on the terrorist slaughter level

    Are you getting a 3d setup or something?
  2. assuming that the rest of your system is fairly capable then you should have a look at the ATI 5670, it should give smooth frame rates on COD at high settings and most other games, and it'll easily play blu-ray and hd movies
  3. First, to answer your direct question - the best gaming card you can get for ~$85 is the 5670, reference here:


    How many FPS you will get depends on the screen resolution you use, and your cpu, none of which you mentioned.

    Beyond that, 240FPS is a waste - what you want is never less than 30-40. Fortunately, the two goals often lead to the same video card . . . except if you add in a budget constraint.
  4. Generally speaking, most people will not be able to see beyond 60FPS.

    Beyond that is considered "super human" and only applies to real life reflexes; not games.
  5. You guys are forgetting about 3D 240hz screens like those tv's that need 120/120 for 3d... thats why i asked about whether or not he was going that route.
  6. this is my screen -> Samsung BX2331 - 23 Inch Wide LED Monitor - 5000000:1
    and i got a quad core processor @ 2.4GHz
  7. so could i get some more advice seeing as though ive given my specs please and thanks :D
  8. CoNtrAsT_ said:
    so could i get some more advice seeing as though ive given my specs please and thanks :D
    In all honesty, probably not.

    We still do not know your screen's resolution. Is it 1920x1080?

    Which 2.4GHz quad cpu do you have?

    You're not going to run COD4 at 240 FPS, and we really don't understand why you want to. So why do you want to?

    And finally, you set a budget of $85. The best vid card you can get for gaming was already linked for you. I'll link it again:


    The three possible cards are HD 5670 if your $85 budget is firm, or an HD 4850 or GTX 250 if you can add a few more dollars.

    Noone of your other requirements really matter - its the $85 that gives the solution.
  9. ok well i just came into a bit of money so ive increased to 100$+- and my resolution is 1920x1080 and i got a Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU.. cod 4 240 fps isnt my main concern, but is nice as it increases jumping and various things.. also with my new screen.. the LED BX2331 my dvdrip movies and others are worse quality due to stretching.. so shouldnt a better graphics card help a bit with that?
  10. Here's a quote from the article I linked:

    GeForce GTS 250 512 MB (Check Prices)
    Exceptional 1680x1050 performance in most games, 1920x1200 in most games with lowered detail

    If you buy this card, and lower the level of details, you will get playable performance at 1920x1080 in most games. Nothing more.

    I forgot to ask what your current graphics "card" is, so I can't tell you whether it will be an improvement. If you are using integrated graphics, there will be a HUGE improvement.

    Note: Your eye cannot see more than 30 FPS. Period. "Every" movie you watch was filmed at a lower FPS than that. 240 FPS is irrelevant - what's important is to never go below 30 FPS.
  11. i currently got a Geforce 8400 GS
  12. Locate your current gpu in the table linked below (hint: look left-hand column, waaaaaaay down), then locate the GTX 250.


    A difference of three tiers produces a truly noticable difference in performance.
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