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Putting together a gaming rig, Advice?

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December 30, 2010 11:22:33 PM

Hi, i'm going to be putting together an almost completely new pc soon and i just wanted some advice on how to get the most for my money. Ill try to give as much info as possible so forgive me if this becomes very long.

I have a budget of around £500 ($770) and i already have my dvd drive, PSU (CiT 650W) and graphics card (Palit GeForce GTX 460 1GB). Just to be clear, this build is going to be almost purely for gaming so im not TOO bothered about multitasking and photo/video editing etc. Also im not too bothered about it being quiet, its a bonus but i'm after performance more than anything. I will be playing on a 28'' LCD TV in 1920x1200 as im sure that makes a difference too. I am unlikely to want to overclock and if i do decide to it will probably be in a couple of years when i feel that i need to.

(I do some audio recording/editing but i have an external sound card already.)

I did have some specific ideas in mind but ive heard a lot of drastically different opinions about each part, my original idea was:

AMD Phenom II x6 1090T
2x2GB OCZ DDR3 1333Mhz RAM
128GB Kingston Solid State Hard Drive (I only need this for installed software, storage is handled by my 500GB External HDD)
Coolermaster Gladiator 600 OR Coolermaster CM 690 II Case

As for a motherboard i wouldve just bought the cheapest one which would accomodate all of my parts.

I told a friend about this build and he insists that I7's and AMD in general arent worth it and that i should go for a Core 2 Quad. Is there any truth in this at least in my case? (My case being gaming PC with a single GPU)

In terms of operating system i will probably use Windows 7 64 bit although it is starting to disagree with me a lot lately, XP is just a bit too old and i dont think ive ever heard anything good about Vista :p 

Dont think i missed anything but if i did just let me know.

So, any suggestions/opinions on what i should go for?

Thanks in advance :) 

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December 31, 2010 1:02:33 AM

Well, To start off, Xp NO, Vista HELL NO, Windows 7 YES! So, if you want high end results i'd go with Intel, AMD Is more bang for buck than anything, and as for your mobo, get one that is around 80-90 dollars. Nothing to cheap, and don't buy asus, they have quality issues.
December 31, 2010 2:20:20 AM

Hey, thanks for the reply. Now that ive thought about it a bit more i think an i5 760 would be my best bet. It can't keep up with the 1090T and i7 in photo/video editing and multitasking of that nature but it seems to be almost as good as an i7 and better than a 1090T with games. A cheaper case would also be more sensible since im not planning to overclock any time soon. Coolermaster Elite 430 for example. Coolermaster ftw, the cases look cool but not too over the top like a lot of other brands. Opinions?
December 31, 2010 2:21:16 AM

Also with an i5 i'm forced to buy a decent £50+ mobo