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Hi guyz,
First of all i'm new here but i've always seen questions answered here so i'm going to ask a question myself :D

My partner bought a dell xps 420 around 2-3 years ago, she plays world of warcraft most of the time, but she's having low fps for a period of time now and i think its time to upgrade her PC (and yea i know dell ready assembled PC are quite a pain to upgrade). As far as i've read about, i know WoW doesn't require a high end GPU. Her PC's GPU is currently: 512MB ATI Radeon 3870, and CPU: Q6600 Quad Core Processor 2.40GHz, 1066Mhz FSB, 8MB cache.
i'm thinking what GPU or CPU shud i be upgrading to make WoW's fps higher. I have no idea about the difference between ATI radeon 3870 and like say 5750, as i use nvidia cards most of the time.

and 2nd quick question, my own PC which i use mostly for WoW as well, is running dual nvidia GTS 240 SLI (i know WoW doesn't support SLI), so will it be better to upgrade it to a single GTX 480?

Many thanks for the response in advance. Cheerio.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    HD 5750 is noticeably faster than 3870,so its a good upgrade.
    And about your rig,well although a 480 blows away 2 GTS 240's in SLI,if you only want to play WoW,then you can buy cheaper cards which can handle WoW just fine.Such as
    HD 6850/GTX 460
  2. Thanks for replying, I've bought the HD 5750, the other problem is the PSU, dell's original PSU is only 375 watt, read about 5750 needing a 450 watt psu, would 5750 under perform on a 375 watt psu? Which I think it shud, if so which psu would fit into the dell xps 420 casing? Am having difficulty upgrading dell's stuff. Thanks.
  3. Even if it works,i strongly recommend upgrading it to a 450W+ PSU.
    I am not sure what exact models you can use in your case though.
    It seems you can use most PSUs to replace your current one.
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