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It seems that nobody can help me with my problem and I am at a point where I don't know what to do about my computer.

I recently upgraded my 7600GT video card to a GTS 250. I powered down, removed the 7600GT, and installed the GTS 250 with power pin connector. I also removed 1 module of RAM out of curiosity and then put that back in. I powered back up after connecting the monitor... the monitor will not recognize an input. I am using this monitor on an old computer as we speak, so it isn't the issue. The issue is that now NEITHER card will be recognized by this monitor, or another monitor I tried that I know works. I can't even get to a boot visual whatsoever.

I have tried clearing CMOS.
I have tried installing one module of RAM at a time in each of the 4 DIMM slots.
I have tried booting from a windows disk.

I contacted EVGA Customer Service and they seem to think that the PSU is the issue. He said that the GTS 250 may have shorted out my PSU and now it doesn't have enough power to run either card. Does this sound reasonable to anyone? I just don't know what else I can do or what needs to be replaced.

It isn't the monitor and I can open the optical drive so I know it isn't either of those.

The fan turns on when the 7600GT is installed, so the MOBO is okay? (Not sure on this)
Could it be bad RAM? I only removed one module initially, so why wouldn't it boot?
Is it possible that my 700W OCZ GameXStream got shorted by a GTS 250?
Or is it possibly a bad CPU?
What about a HDD issue? I'm leaning towards no, but don't have much experience.

Keep in mind that everything was working perfectly fine until I decided to switch cards. I have created two other threads on this issue and nobody seems to know what my deal is. I guess this one is asking more of what I should replace first. Which one is most likely to be bad?

Intel E6750 CPU
OCZ GameXStream 700W PSU
2 x 1GB Crucial CL4 RAM
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L MOBO
Seagate 500GB HDD
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  1. Have you used the monitor's on screen menu to make sure it's looking at the correct input ?

    Did you perhaps remove the 4 pin CPU cable located at the top left of your CPU, just to the right of the MoBo hold down screw when trying to remove components and forget to plug it back in ?
  2. Make sure you have reseated the RAM correctly first.
  3. JackNaylorPE: I am using the monitor right now on an old PC. If I were to (again) plug into my main PC with the issue, it would not recognize any input into either of the HDMI ports of the 7600GT and the one on the GTS 250 would still not work. I have tried cylcing the input but that didn't work. Also, the 4 pin CPU power pin is attached to the MOBO. I never removed it when I installed the card but I have torn down everything twice now and reseated everything and it still won't work.

    mosox: I spread out the tabs on the DIMM slots and I pressed the RAM modules in firmly until the tabs came up and clamped onto the RAM. I have done this MANY times as I tried each stick individually in each of the 4 slots.

    Any other ideas? Guessing MOBO or PSU? Hopefully not CPU.
  4. Can you borrow a good PSU and try with it?
  5. Not sure if I can locate a good PSU to be honest. I will try as I think that may be the main cause. I might just purchase one and if it isn't the cause I might build a new system with AM3 socket and the Phenom X4 965.
  6. Thanks for the link. I am going to try to test my PSU later and will try to find a board that supports my CPU and RAM to rule those out. If good, I guess it can only be a bad board. May still build a new computer and sell the good components though.
  7. Don't buy another 775 mobo, try all that and buy a new PSU instead. If still not working get a new mobo/CPU/RAM.
  8. I know what you are saying. I meant that I'd try to find someone with a MOBO that would allow me to plug in my CPU and RAM. If it booted fine with each of them installed separately, then that would rule those out as the culprit. I'm at work right now and going to test the PSU with a multimeter later tonight or tomorrow sometime. Am expecting that either my CPU power connector or 24 pin mainborad connector is bad. Forgot that I had 2 CPU power connectors and never tried using the second instead of the first. If the PSU passes the check with the multimeter I plan on keeping the PSU, video card, and selling off whatever good components I have and will upgrade to an AM3 board and CPU. I hear that the 1156 socket is a dead end as far as expanding.
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