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Hi, I recently got the NZXT Lexa S Mid-Tower case, I was testing out the fan on it but for some reason it wouldn't work. I played around with it a bit and whenever I pressed down on the molex cable (from my PSU to fan) it would work. Turned out that on the fans molex cable (male) one of the pins was coming off and whenever I pressed down it would go into place. The only thing holding the pin from falling from the plastic thingy is a wire going to the fan itself from the molex.

Any tips to keep it in place?
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  1. you could try packing it out with something like a coctail stick but personaly i would replace the molex plug its not that hard to do.
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    If the pin is that loose, pull it and use a jewelers screwdriver to bend the keeper tabs out a little, then reinsert the pin

    Photo from here
  3. Thanks delluser1, the image really helped. I was going to bend it back but it was just my luck that the fan could also receive power from my mobo through another connector that I thought was useless. I will just leave the molex and run my fan through my mobo.
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