GTX 470 Frame rate issue

I have a Geforce 470 video card and I can play wow on ultra settings. It all runs great until I restart or shut down my computer then I have to reload the DRiver all over again then it will run great again whats the problem here???
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  1. can u tell me what os r u using if itz vista or seven then it might classifiy the drivers as un-suppourted and remove it try downloading the latest drivers for it from
  2. My setup is

    Asus Maximus 3 formula mother board
    I5 core 750 intel CPU
    2x2 Gig of Ram Corsair Dominator
    Ante 650 watt PSU
    Asus ENGTX 470
    Kingston SSD 30gb
    Western Digital Raptor 300gb
    Cooler master HAF 932

    Running Windows 7 64bit

    I also have the latest Nvidia Driver downloaded and installed but everytime I restart or shut my computer down its like it uninstalls the driver or something happens to it but all i have to do is Rerun the Install and my Video works again

    My OS, Motherboard, and Video card software are all saved on my SSD the Raptor is for my Games..
  3. Maybe you have a problem with your SSD...
    Try install all of them (OS, drivers, games) on your hard drive.
  4. Think I could just Transfer all the stuff from my SSD to my Raptor? That would be so much better lol
  5. Hmm, I never do that thing, since i never had a SSD before... :)
    But still, i suspect your SSD is the root of your problem, just try that first....
  6. OK will Give it a Try lol
  7. strange i have the gtx 470 and win 7 -32 bit ultimate and have never expirenced such problems ever i even oc'd it try reinstalling the os or re-downloading the drivers and check ur ssd for errors that could be the problem as wa1 said but u cant just transfer it (well at least not the os)
  8. It does sound like your have an issue with the SSD. It would seem that drivers are being installed into memory and not being saved onto the SSD. Have you had any luck since wa1 first suggested installing everything on the HDD?
  9. I'm downloading the last driver now going to test it out
  10. Well I Installed everything on my Raptor Drive and then restarted my computer and started wow and got the same thing when I turn huge frame rate drops
  11. I personally own one of these Kingston SSD now drives and they aren't meant for gaming but are mainly for laptops or as paging drives. Their random 4K read and write compared to other SSD drives for their cost. Move every thing as they have suggested over to the hard drive and once done. Move the pagefile over to the SSD. it will help in games like GTA IV or Gothic4 while other things like making large videos it will help but beyond that you won't see a big boost.
  12. My thought is you should properly do a clean uninstall of all your Nvidia-related software and drivers, restart, then install the latest Nvidia drivers. This will hopefully rule out a driver conflict.
  13. I did this on just the Raptor Drive and It acted the same run the Game perfect until I restarted my computer Then the Frame rates started dropping again. This is Crazy I have never had this much of a Problem with a Video card...
  14. probably sum goddamn virus check Ur av and reset registry settings to default and format everything top to bottom change ur mobo(not necessary ) then try using the 32-bit version of win 7 and b4 u do any of this check ur ssd and raptor with the check disc utility and also defrag them
  15. Have exact same problem... totally different rig... would love to find the solution too... its not your hardware...its gottta be a win 7 thing... have used 3 differing nvidia driver versions everytime i reboot frame rate drops in WOW only, everything else is unaffected... SAD FACE.
  16. try the latest drivers 266.xx sumthin just released its a miracle
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