PSU not enough?!

Hi all,

I just recently received a Phenom II x4 955 along with an ASRock 870 Extreme3 and a HIS 6850.

I had a PSU if 550w and is an Antec Neo (though it is 4-5 years old). But I decided to use it anyway figuring it should be enough. It has 3 12v rails with 18 amps per. Is that too low?

I got everything set but the system wouldnt boot. I then unplugged the 6850 and tossed in my old gts 250. Comp booted up like a champ.

So, my question is, is my PSU the issue? If so, what should I be looking at? I am looking to get the following:

Thanks for your replies.

My apologies if the link didn't take.
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  1. About 400W and 35A is all that's needed for that setup. Your Antec PSU should be enough.
  2. Maybe it's going anyway the psu you posted antec ea650w is the current best deal in power supplies :bounce:
  3. Your Antec NeoPower 550 is more than sufficient to power your system.

    When you say "the system wouldnt boot" are you saying the system is dead?

    If it does power on, does it show any BIOS POST screens?

    If you do see BIOS POST screens, does it boot into Windows Safe Mode or do you even see the Windows splash screen? If you do then it's probably just a graphics card driver problem.
  4. I am actually on the PC right now. I have installed windows 7, a couple games, etc. But when I toss in the 6850, nothing. It's like there is no power there.
  5. I am also wondering if the video card is DOA?
  6. ^That is possible, considering it works fine when you put the 250 in there. It will be enough power for the 6850, the two cards should have similar power usage.
  7. At least I can still RMA it. =/ Guess I will try a couple more ideas and if they still don't work, I'll RMA.
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