Hdmi handshake issue with htpc-onkyo 608 interconnect


have a new computer build that is pretty volatile atm. i7 processor gtx 465 gfx. running mini hdmi to pc is great results. pc to avr to tv for set of 5.1 paradigm surrounds is no go. blue screen on all inputs. here is another excerpt i posted on another forum

blue screen when i connect brand new onkyo 608. connected via mini hdmi adapter evga gtx 465 gfx card —> 608 pc input (hdmi 1)—>
hdmi output to tv hdmi 1 =’s blue screen.
tv also says game mode 60 hz 720 X 468 resolution.
why am i being scaled down?
i had enough of a hard time managing hdmi bitstreaming. . . now my receiver decides to be a sob and not work. i swear the law of diminishing returns is really about to catch up with me.
computer has bd plyr i plug into hdmi 5 608 (bd plyr)—> hdmi 1 tv=’s blue screen.
i try above settings on hdmi input 2 on tv. =’s blue screen.
608 set proper on passthru. computer is nvidia i7 960 with resolution scaled proper to 1024 X 768. per 608 manual.

called onkyo tech support told me they guaranteed vga cable will work w/ toslink cable. i have B3 binary cables all around its not my cables thats the problem. tech told me “ive seen gfx cards not work with 608 before. investigate that. how can it be gfx card when plugged pc—>tv works perfect.

onkyo claims receiver is good receiver and gfx card is to blame. currently on avs forum there is a 100 page thread on gtx 460 step below and dts MA in all her glory whistling through the speakers in true reference quality. and then you plan for all that and open up pandoras box, with installation of shark codec pack and have hdmi issues with video. i planned on receiver being cornerstone of my operation and instead it refuses to talk to my computer.

please advise

John C
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  1. correction

    its hdmi 5 on avr to hdmi 1 and 2 on tv

    and bd 1 on avr to hdmi 1 and 2 on tv.
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