Budget video editor and light gaming computer >$700, suggestions?

I typed a lot, feel free to read, but it might not interest most people (more rambling then specs)
I'm looking into building (or buying, but that would put this thread in the wrong place ;) ) a computer for under 700 that I could edit short videos with out massive render times (importing a 3 minute clip in under 20 minutes) and get good performance with Java, Flash, and 4 year old games, although if there is a point where finding another 200 would make a huge difference, I may be able to scrape together the money.

My current computer is an old iMac, and I really like Unix as a whole, so I'm thinking of building my own computer, installing some flavor of Linux, and using windows for video editing and some light gaming/web app use (No Crysis, just Java, Flash and some 4 year old games).

I don't know what resolutions I may encounter, so being able to handle 1080p is preferable, but I know I definitely am not going to be editing anything from a RED ONE or anything similar, so overkill on 1080p isn't preferable if its out of the budget.

Basically, a >$700 computer that is good for video editing, with gaming as an afterthought, but not totally neglected.

I'm leaning towards an Intel i5 (I'm assuming i7 is out of my league), since I've heard they whipe the floor with AMD on the video side. Someone feel free to prove me wrong, I'd be happy to be wrong if it saves me $100+.

I don't know much about good brands and stuff, so instead of going bargain shopping and choosing out a bunch of bad brands, then being unhappy when people give me the good brands that cost a bit more, I'm hoping you guys will be willing to show me too good parts (from CPU, to Monitor, to Hard Drive etc).

Note: I already own a keyboard and a mouse, but I need everything else.

Hopefully someone reads all this jabber I've typed and helps me out... and that when Sandy Bridge processors come out this entire thread doesn't become out of date.
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    Because your budget is so low and it's vital that you squeeze as much performance as possible, I suggest you research carefully first.

    Don't exclude AMD, as they may have a CPU that performs better for your specific needs. Intel will clean up at the high end, but you can't afford the high end.

    Look at specific programs that you will use, and google for "multi-core support" and "Hyper-threading" regarding those. For instance, Blender does support some multi-threading although how well it utilizes it I am not sure...

    A 6-core AMD CPU

    Could very well be what you want.

    Board ASRock 880G







    I like samsung better but both are equivalent in speed. It's just preference for your HDD needs. As for my opinion. Proxium has a good build set up for you. But I think waiting for intel's SB is worth a shot. The 2400S i5, is like the i5 750 but performs at the performance of an i7 880. The i5 2400s is also only 200$ as predicted.

    Great performance in rendering which is what you want. Soooo worth a shot to look at. Plus intel said they would be aiming for lower end prices so the mobos coming out seem to show that as they seem to be cheaper (not in quality but like... price wise).

    Umm as for graphics, I think the Intel's APU (the GPU in the i5 2400S if there is one) should suffice for flash gaming and light gaming. If you need more GPU ppower, you could always turn to a dedicated one.
  3. I think that Proximon has a good set up here, but I think that waiting for SB might be worth it... decisions... decisions...

    Anyone think that AMD processors will go down even more to counter SB?
  4. Well I forgot to mention that the Intel's SB APU on the 2400S is actually a better performer than the onboard for AMD. (4250-4300 HD) It even performs to the level of a 5450. Not much but better than many. APU being the on the die GPU in the CPU. That was a tongue twister heh. Anyways, AMD will counter with the Bulldozer crew such as Zambezi and Scorpius, but those will not come out till Q2-Q3 of 2011. All I can see AMD doing is dropping prices. AGAIN. Or clock their CPU's higher. Anyway, the 2400S is a real prospect.
  5. in proxi's set up, I noticed that the RAM is $109.99 and (at least at the time of writing, maybe not at the time of his writing or you reading) out of stock. This RAM, by the same company is 20 bucks cheaper:
    Why is this RAM almost 20% cheaper? They don't look much different...
  6. The CL speed is lower, IE the CL of the 110$ is CL7 while yours is CL9. IMO it really doesn't matter. Go with yours, it's cheaper and still just as good. Get that and save the cash.

    By the way don't get that Hyper 212+ from Newegg. It's to much because of shipping. Here is a better buy. From Amazon same cooler but cheaper and free shipping.
  7. and if you buy the hyper 212+ from amazon you get the second fan
  8. A long render is one of the times that low latency RAM shows it's effectiveness. It may well be worth an extra 20 bucks to get faster RAM.... but if it's not available 1600 mhz and 1.5V would be almost as good. You could downclock that to 1333mhz and get CL8 or even 7 out of it:
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