My i7 870 processor scores 5 9 on wei

i7 870 processor
gigabyte p55 UD5 motherboard
Patriott Inferno 60gb SSHD
Patriott Gamer DDR Memory 8Gb (2000mh)
Nivda GTX 480 Graphic card
750 Watt power supply
Thermaltake case
3TB Western Digital HDD (sata)
Windows7 Ultimate 64bit os

I built this computer about 5 months ago and it runs fine with all my tasks.
Just a concern about the windows score of 5.9 for the processor
All the other scores are 7.1 and above.

Does anybody have any clues why the cpu score is 5.9

Cheers TR
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  1. That does seem a bit low. It could just be an error related to Speedstep or some other program sucking up cycles while the test is running.
  2. cheers for the reply
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