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I got a Asus G73JH-A1 with a ATI 5870 GPU in it. Well recently i got a new 23" IPS monitor that has a rez of 1920x1080 this was to replace my older 20" monitor that had a rez of 1680x1050 and i needed the IPS for color accuracy.

Anyway, while i had the older monitor hooked up one of the things i noted was how large everything was on it compared to my laptop screen. I thought that was because of the rez difference, my laptop has 1920x1080, which i really didn't like. So when i got my new monitor i thought that would solve the biggen issue, it didn't.

The stuff being displayed on the new monitor is still, to me anyways, larger and i am not sure why. i this just how it is with laptop + external monitor or is it the card doing it? Or am i expecting something that is not correct for the rez and size of the monitor?
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  1. From what you said your laptop with a 17 inch or smaller screen already has a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. If you put the same number of pixels on a larger screen it will be bigger.
  2. so higher rez means nothing? the objects on the screen are the same size as they were on my 1680x 1050 monitor of about the same size so whats the point of a higer rez if the windows and such are not cleaner and not so big?
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