Hey Help Plz

HI I Just Got A BioStar Motherboard i945p-a7 intel 945p-Ex-Chipset

i put in 4 ddr2 1G Ram Sticks

And My Vidoe Card It Is a Ati-Radeon x800 PCI-Ex-X16

and a 680W Power Supply Soo When Everything Is Install

OO ya i am running A Intel Duel Core Cpu

Soo When i Plug in My Screen to My Vidoe Card

And trun it on My Screen Says No Input ... and it Keeps doing It .. its like My Card Aint working I mean it is bc its fan is running soo i trun off my comp and made sure everything is put in the right way and started again and nothing i was wonding it my video card that the mother dnt support ..... plz Replay bc i been lol on this motherboard for a week wondering whats going on lol
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  1. And the Mother Board says 1.0 Pci Ex-X16
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  3. You have the power hooked up to the video card? Any parts possibly used or bad? What CPU are you using?
  4. Intel® CoreTM 2 Duo E7500 (2.93GHz/1066Mhz FSB/3MB cache)
    and all new parts ... out of the box

    only thing thats not new is my screen and when it didint work i thought it die but i use it on my bothers comp and it works fine do u think its my Video card and i been trying to see what Video card dose the Motherboard Supports but i got no where
  5. There is a very good chance that the motherboard does not support your CPU. I checked the manufacturer's site and the last BIOS update was released in 2006.
  6. Yeah. The odds of a 45nm C2D working on the 945 chipset is slim. The 945 didn't support C2D until the second revision. Odds are you have an incompatible CPU.
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